On its surface the term “carbon offset” can sound like a nice vague term to represent an environmentally friendly concept. However, more than just a cool or trendy term, purchasing a carbon offset is a great way for a business to transition toward more sustainable ways of operating.

A carbon offset is a strategic purchase by a business to a project specifically targeted to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2*) emissions in the environment.

Today, many businesses have started to consider the environment in their purchasing decisions and in their business practices. Activities such as recycling, smaller offices, less travel and other activities are helping. To take things even further, more and more businesses are looking to a voluntary carbon offset marketplace to support projects around the country aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By supporting these projects, your business can neutralize the effect of CO2 emissions from your business activities. There are excellent resources available to help you calculate your carbon footprint. One resource is With this carbon footprint calculator, you can determine your estimated carbon emissions. From there, you can take action and support an emission reducing project here in the U.S.

A carbon footprint calculator considers the following business activities in calculating total CO2 for a business for a year:

  • Facilities HVAC
  • Company fleet vehicles
  • Air travel
  • Employee commuting
  • Postage and shipping

These daily activities are critical to your business… we get that. However, after calculating your carbon footprint, maybe you will consider ways that your business can alter your current cycle. Or, maybe you can choose to purchase carbon offsets as one way that you move your business toward operating in a more sustainable way.

Our team participated in one of these emission reducing projects this year as one way we are choosing to use business as a force for good. Will you join us?

*70% of U.S. Carbon Dioxide emissions come from electricity and transportation. Our increased human activity since the industrial revolution is adding more CO2 to the atmosphere and is influencing the carbon cycle where forests naturally remove CO2 from the atmosphere.