What do you believe? On the surface that seems like an innocent question. However, when you pause, reflect and try to work out your beliefs you find that is much more difficult than you imagined.

As a small business entrepreneur like you, I deal with many of the questions and issues that you are confronted with each day. Some days you can’t imagine doing anything different with your life. The business is humming, your personal relationships are rich, and you are motivated to change the world. At other times, it can be overwhelming and somewhat frightening. There is the loss of a customer, some family health issues, or a very complex business decision to be made. In any of these emotions, the good and the difficult, we also question ourselves to see if what we are doing day in and day out aligns with our beliefs. This is where a What We Believe credo is a must have for any small business owner.

At Kregel & Company we have wrestled with our beliefs. We’ve looked at what is important to us. What inspires us. What encourages us. What we expect of ourselves and of others. Here is our What We Believe:

We believe in doing business for good, not personal gain.

Customer Experience
We believe in focusing on the customer experience, not just the bottom line.

We believe in being adaptable, not holding to traditional methods.

We believe in being honest, not being people-pleasers.

We believe in communicating openly, not being guarded.

Inspiring others in the pursuit of their business and personal goals is why we show up for work each day.

We seek to give our customers:

  • Opportunity – to focus on their attention on running and growing their business.
  • Peace of mind – to ensure that their financial and tax matters are being handled with their best interest in mind.
  • Inspiration – to encourage and identify trends toward their pursuit of business and personal goals.

I encourage you to wrestle with your beliefs. Write them down. Then commit yourself to aligning your business and life with your beliefs. This code of ethics in your life will then be a barometer for measuring what matters.