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Find all the advice and resources you need to make accounting and taxes less taxing.

Tax filing and CARES Act updates4 min read ›

Adjusting to the impact on our employees, customers, and vendors

As small business owners, we are being called on to think clearly and act correctly in more ways that we ever imagined.

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Coronavirus relief programs for small businesses6 min read ›

The latest COVID-19 resources for small business owners.

Learn about the latest Coronavirus relief programs: Paycheck Protection Program Loans, unemployment benefits, and stimulus checks.

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Important update: Congress extends filing deadline to July 156 min read ›

What the filing extension means for your business

Congress has acted to extend the April 15 tax filing deadline to match the extended tax payment deadline of July 15.

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Announcing the launch of Kregel Gives4 min read ›

Working with Kula to empower women business owners in Rwanda.

We're proud to support Kula for our Kregel Gives campaign. Learn more about how we plan to help Kula empower women business owners in Rwanda.

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3 unexpected benefits of filing annual tax returns3 min read ›

The unexpected benefits to filing annual tax returns

In addition to fulfilling your civic duty, here are three other benefits to filing annual tax returns.

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Know Your Numbers:
When to Review Your Numbers6 min read ›

Learn how often to review your company’s key numbers in order to make better financial decisions.

Learn how often to review your company’s key financial numbers in order to better understand how your business is doing and make better decisions.

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Know Your Numbers: How to use financial information to make decisions7 min read ›

Learn how financial systems help with decision-making for better outcomes.

Learn how to use financial systems and information to make faster, easier business decisions that often lead to better outcomes.

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Know Your Numbers: Systems to capture financial information5 min read ›

How tracking financial information helps make informed decisions.

Learn the types of systems you can use to capture and track key financial information so you can make more informed decisions.

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Know Your Numbers: What are Key Performance Indicators?6 min read ›

Learn about KPIs and how to measure your company’s effectiveness

Learn what key performance indicators are, along with questions to consider when creating a set of KPIs to measure your company’s effectiveness.

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