Good tax planning during the year is the behind-the-scenes work we do as accountants to make tax filing a low-stress and straightforward process for you as the business owner.

I’ve never met anyone that likes surprises around tax season, especially business owners. Nothing disrupts company cash flow like an unexpected tax payment. Among others, a few reasons this might happen is profit projections were not planned accurately or at all, owner salaries were not set at the optimal level, or a large equipment purchase during the year changes your tax exposure. And perhaps even worse is overpaying during the year and realizing you could have been putting that money to use in betters ways than letting it sit with the IRS. These scenarios illustrate how having an accounting firm working alongside you during the year can make all the difference.

We value customer relationships at our firm, it’s a constant recurring discussion with our team. This is what drives us as a B Corp, motivates us to embrace the latest technology, and challenges us to know what’s going on in our clients’ businesses. The quarterly tax planning process with business owners is a way for us to be part of their team throughout the year. We’re able to anticipate potential tax risks, optimize tax savings, and understand how significant events in their company may have a serious financial impact – they usually do.

If you think you’re business would benefit from a more engaged and relationship-driven accounting firm, then reach out to us and let’s talk about how we can partner with you.