• Tax planning and compliance assistance

    Whether you’re looking for new ways to minimize your tax bill or a go-to advisor to keep your company compliant, our tax experts provide creative solutions and smart business advice that will help save you money and sleep better at night.

Save more on taxes, and plan
for a prosperous future

Taxes may be a fact of life, but they don’t have to take over your life. With Kregel & Company’s tax planning and compliance assistance, you can maximize savings now and set your business up for success down the road.

If you’re starting a company, we’ll work with you to strategically select a business entity and guide some of the initial decisions that will make life easier in the future. Or if you’re already part of an established business, we’ll handle all of your tax needs to ensure they’re done right the first time, every time. From payroll tax filings, to corporate and personal income taxes, to complex pass-through entities, to multi-state and unique city filings, our team has the expertise to dive right in and get the job done.

Our tax planning and compliance services include

Business entity and formation consulting
Learn how to choose the right business entity and structure for your business in a way that will maximize growth and prosperity for the future

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Ongoing tax reviews and planning
Meet with our team a few times throughout the year to review your financials and make the annual tax preparation process smoother.

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Tax consulting for unique situations
Get one-on-one advice for your special situation, and find creative solutions that will save time and money.

  • "Kregel & Company goes beyond the conventional certified public accountants. Their vested interest in every company they work with shows through in their attention to detail.”

    Well of Life Center for Natural Health - Catherine Van Schuyler

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