Kregel & Company CPA is proud of our status as a Certified B Corp, a special designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency.

As part of that commitment, and in recognition of the role that taxes play in contributing to a healthy society, we use our professional judgment to provide advice regarding tax positions. Our advice contains multiple potential interpretations that accurately reflect the income and operations of our customers in each jurisdiction for which the customer seeks our advice, based on the details of the customer’s income and operations provided to us.

Kregel & Company does not advise customers to take a position unless we believe it has at least a reasonable basis for being sustained by applicable tax authorities. If a customer takes a tax position despite our advice to the contrary, we reserve the right to stop work for and terminate such customer.

In accordance with this tax philosophy, we engage with government and tax authorities on a collaborative basis in resolving tax notice inquiries and other queries from tax matters that require administrative follow-up.

In addition, Kregel & Company also communicates with tax authorities to provide technical clarification for matters relevant to specific customer situations. We maintain compliance with this policy through regular employee training, internal policies on conduct, engagement letters, and annual customer retention reviews.

Finally, with expansion of business activities across state and international borders, our tax services include a review of sales apportionment to advise and properly report income to the appropriate taxing jurisdictions.

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